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Women's Consultations at CMB-Solent Fareham, Hampshire, Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper

Personal brand is critical to making you feel more confident. Whilst Lesley was raising two young children, she took a step back from the corporate world. But she couldn't sit still - and quickly decided to set up as an image consultant - helping people market themselves and regain confidence. 


Over her time working with all types of people - from barristers, property developers, Mums (and dads), she became one of the top 'Image Consultants' in the UK and helped literally thousands of people feel more confident about themselves. 


Whilst Lesley now has returned her focus to Marketing Services, there is still a part of her heart that sits in Personal Image and Brand - that's why you can still book consultations, colour reviews or personal brand days.



Lesley remains one of the most experienced & highly sought after image consultants in the country. In just a few hours, Lesley will rebuild your confidence and give you the skills to look and feel fabulous about being you!

Digital & Face 2 Face Consultations

Over the years, Lesley has supported many Women, Men & Transgender clients with their own personal image, and whilst this page may look very different, focusing on Brand and Marketing, Lesley is still also available for personal consultations. 


Those of you that have visited Lesley's 5-Star, luxury studio before, will know that Lesley has worked in many different types of companies - from city suits to out on an equine yard with horses - but what remains constant, is her insane desire to give people confidence in their own skin. After all, a brand starts with its people. 


If you are wanting to invest in YOU, then look no further - you can invest a little with our digital services to get you started - all the way up to our full day Personal Brand Days which are fully customisable to your needs. Simply book your session and we'll be in touch to arrange a date and confirm all the options.

Digital Colour Analysis

The quickest and most efficient way to have your colours done EVER!! 45 minutes on a video call and then you will have you perfect match colours plus your digital swatches - no matter where you are located either in the UK or WORLD!!! 


Full Image


Digital Style Personality

The quickest and most efficient way to start your journey to being effortlessly STYLISH!! 45 minutes on a video call and then you will have your STYLE PERSONALITY sorted - no matter where you are located in the WORLD!!! 


Personal Brand Day


Colour Analysis


Personal Style


Training & Resources

Colour Analysis Training

Have you always wanted to analyse colour? Well this is your opportunity! Learn the techniques of how to do Colour Analysis using digital drapes and swatches. 

It's now this simple - book a 121 session with Lesley - either in person or online, and she will teach you how to run Colour Analysis sessions with your friends or even build it into a business. 


Standard Digital Colour Pallets (Set Of 6)

If you have trained in colour with Lesley (or have trained elsewhere) then you can purchase digital swatches as a set. These are a standard set with no customisation options. If you would like to customise, then please see the Bespoke listing. 


The Business of Colour

Take the training to the next level.

Book coaching sessions with Lesley and together you can review your business and make it work for you! 

Each session will focus on your business and will include bespoke guidance will end with action points for you to complete to take your business to the next level. Be prepared to be challenged and pushed to grow your business. 


Bespoke Digital Colour Pallets (Set of 6)

Make your digital pallets your own. We customise pallets to add your branding, contact information and even tweak the names of the colour categories if you want too!

Make sure every time your customer looks at their Colour Swatches, they will be reminded of you and the Colour Analysis experience with you. 

(Package contains 6 bespoke digital swatches based on the tonal system.)


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