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What is Alchemy Brand Consulting About?

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Branding is long recognised as a dark art within marketing, but a brand is just a brand until it is combined with a splash of Alchemy, then magic happens!


A brand is only a brand if you can really make it come alive, it's way more than just a logo, it's about the people, the product, what it stands for - but yet so many brands never really get off the ground. Often because it just never has life breathed into it.


Google the word 'alchemy' and you will find that it is deep rooted in mythology, science, and closely linked to chemistry. But the definition we love the most is ... 



"Alchemy - a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination."

The truth is, you can't create a 'market leading brand' without personality, focus and a bit of alchemy - it is not a logical process or something that you can apply logic to.... a brand works when it just 'IS'. The success of a brand is down to a healthy sprinkling of magic and thats why you need the team at Alchemy Brand Consulting - we take brands, apply some alchemy and create magic!



Remember, Alchemy Brand Consulting makes your marketing as simple as ABC - we even offer you a FREE DISCOVERY CALL so you can tell us about your business and we will discuss just how we can put together an action plan for success!

Who is 'The Brand Alchemist'?

Experience counts! And Lesley Wrankmore has excelled in Marketing holding posts including Director of Marketing & Account Management in leading technology sector jobs and most recently Head of Brand, Product management, eCommerce & Marketing for leading UK Brand in the animal health industry - working with veterinary practices/hospitals, healthcare products, nutrition, equipment and equine yards across the UK.


Whilst technology based marketing was Lesley's bread & butter for many years, the animal health industry, equine and countryside lifestyle marketing & photography has most certainly stolen her heart as she has build brands for Farm & Stable & Hestevard in the UK.


Lesley enjoys working in this space, her creative and editorial work has been published in many publications including magazines such as British Showjumping, ETN, British Dressage, The Trainer, and British Equestrian Federation. 


Alchemy Brand Consulting offers marketing support to a wide range of specialist industries - simply contact us to find out more.

Why choose Alchemy Brand Consulting?

We know there are so many businesses out there that want to offer more, and grow quicker, but just don't have the budget to hire a so called marketing guru or entire marketing department!


It's tough out there now and so Lesley Wrankmore and Alchemy Brand Consulting exists to support you and your growing business. Providing brand & marketing know how as a service - you don't have to employ us, we'll just work for you, as and when you need support.


Need a plan writing, a project taken care of or even just turn up as your Marketing Director to a big customer pitch - we are here for you! 


Alchemy Brand Consulting was formed in 2023 when Lesley realised that there were more and more companies struggling with marketing. Combining Lesley's marketing, eCommerce & project management skills, with a select group of freelance designers, Alchemy Brand Consulting can deliver anything an in house marketing team can produce, but without the headcount overhead or headache. 

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